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Behind the scenes

Within the hinterland of Byron Bay Australia you will find me either painting in my studio, digging in my garden, cooking in my kitchen or walking my dog amongst the stunning habitats of this region. I am obsessed with painting wetlands, trees from ancient forests and find great pleasure in natures wild offerings. I am also devoted to a journey of healing my body from auto immune type behaviour. I have been on this path now for five years and have had extreme struggles and incredible awakenings.

I have always believed that everything is connected or as many indigenous cultures believe 'all is one' which brings me to my own understanding of how I choose to heal. For my body I live on a diet which consists of a primal palette. For my mind I have been learning to meditate and understand the connection of the brain and body. Lastly for my soul, I continue to paint and write this blog. 


22 quirky bits

  • I usually cry when I think about elephants

  • I'd rather be walking in a forest then sitting on a beach 

  • My morning begins religiously with a cup of tea ( unless I am celery juicing.)

  • Gardening is my Om

  • Always give credit where credit is due

  • My personal style is tom-boy with a dash of goddess... or vise versa

  • False nails seem a little odd to me

  • I can not live with clutter

  • Making the bed begins the day with clarity

  • I lack discipline making time to meditate

  • I am dyslexic so excuse my informal grammar and spelling

  • I can write left and right handed but my left is a mirror image

  • I need time alone to replenish my energy. I guess you would say I am a true introvert. 

  • Cruelty to animals is my no.1 dislike in this world. 

  • Littering is no.2

  • I hate snobbery so I guess thats no.3

  • I have seen a UFO

  • I love it when I see 11:11

  • I scored top 10% as a facial recogniser however I cant remember anyones phone number

  • A favourite life moto : Live the life you love

  • I was meant to paint today but instead I am blogging

  • I believe in a universal energy 


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