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Art: Awaken my love

Creating this art piece was a joyous journey. It was an honour to paint the feeling of being totally aware that I had arrived on the other side of a tough period of my life. After being unwell for four years, I felt the need to celebrate a new found gratitude for the life I was living and the land I called home. Throughout the four years I was unable to paint I utilised my time by creating gardens across two acres of land. This painting is dedicated to the reciprocal exchange between myself and the land.

Some of the elements found in this artwork are representing the garden I have been planting and the native vegetation which grows here. The lotus flower in the centre represents the human spirit. The lotus flower known for its symbolism of purity and rebirth emerges from the depths of murky waters and mud to display its brilliance.

Along the pathway towards the stream we have a forest of native banksias which connect to an area of new tree plantings. At the stream there are rocks and grasses growing under a canopy of trees all interlinked by their root systems.

At any point in time we can all find ourselves going through deep personal transformation. Some may call this period a life crisis such as a 'midlife crisis'. I personally call it a midlife awakening.

I remember years ago something Wayne Dwyer said whilst on a speaking tour in Australia. He said, " you cannot hold a beach ball under the water forever". Obviously the beach ball pertaining to our emotional baggage.

What he said stuck with me all these years possibly because I was guilty like the rest of us for not dealing with a deep emotional issue.

At the age of forty five my beach ball popped to the surface.

There could be no avoidance anymore.

The rest is history.

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